Stephen Johnson
Grant Writing Specialist

Kia ora. My name is Stephen, and I am committed to supporting charities in reaching their fundraising goals through beautiful, compelling and successful grants.
I am also the founder of Chive, Aotearoa New Zealand's first charity marketplace that's empowering charities to be found online.

The Challenges of Grant Writing 🎯

Grant writing is at the heart of any charity's fundraising strategy. However, there are 3 common challenges every charity faces when writing a grant:

  1. Grant writing is time consuming and repetitive, distracting you from key fundraising activities
  2. If untrained it can be hard to communicate in a way that inspires the grant maker to support your charity
  3. Without an effective strategy your grant success is limited

Is Your Goal A Winning Grant?

For all charities, a winning grant is always the goal. With any winning grant, there are key features you need to deliver to create for your grant to be successful:

  • A compelling, to-the-point proposal that answers the questions effectively and explains your project clearly
  • Delivered in a succinct time period that makes the writing of the grant a cost-effective endeavor
  • An accurate budget that represents your project or intentions
  • A proposal that is compliant, meeting the rules set by the grant maker (e.g. legal, date-due, length, budget)
  • As a way of being, a process that is stress-free and flows easily; you know where to find content for your bid and how to put it together easily

My Story

For the last 4 years, I have been supporting charities from grassroots to INGOs such as Oxfam, in planning and delivering successful grant applications.

I have written successful grant proposals for a range of grant makers, from Westpac, MSD, and JR McKenzie Trust right the way to the EU, World Bank and the UK Department for International Development.

As an APMP certified proposal writer, I understand the methods and tools used by the most successful charities to plan and write a compelling proposal.

I have depth of knowledge in communication techniques, planning practices, budget creation and compliance that I can use to create a winning grant for your charity.

Empowering Your Charity To Write Winning Grants

I can support your charity to write a winning, compliant, and stress-free grant. To do this, I can support you in 3 key areas:

Proposal Planning

Working backwards from submission date to plan and deliver an effective grant. This allows us to grasp the concept being proposed and how we will deliver it.

Content Development

Compiling, writing, and editing engaging content to create your grant application in a compelling way.

Budget And Compliance

Ensuring your grant is in accordance with the grant-maker's guidelines and reviewing your budget to present it in the best way possible.

Ready to Write an Awesome Grant?

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Hannah Wrathall - The Social Experiment

Stephen took our grant draft and existing collateral and quickly grasped our organisation's mission and purpose. He then turned it into a simple, compelling, and ultimately successful grant!

Jane Brownsord - Oxfam

I was impressed by Stephen’s ability to make connections, think strategically and by the consistent quality of his work in all aspects. Scoping the requirements of a bid improvement project, he brought a cross-functional team together to agree objectives and deliverables, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and ability to work constructively with others.

Sophia Faure - Narrative Imperative

Stephen is efficient, gets to the crux of what the grant-maker wants, and delivers clear, punchy work.